This is my Blog!

Welcome to my blog.

I have decided to create this space to store and share my thoughts, opinions and experiences on my journey to better fitness and health.

I was definitely not one of the athletic kids when I was young. I dabbled in some different sports, but I never found success – I just wasn’t that good at anything.

I now know that I was merely lacking the motivation, patience and education to really succeed. I was trying to run before I could walk and getting discouraged when it didn’t work, especially when everyone else around me seemed to do it with ease.  To be fair, I still do.

It would be years after I left school that I learned to run, and still more before it became anything resembling natural for me.

I moved to the beautiful Okanagan from the UK in 2006. The climate finally encouraged me outside and I tried running. Running was like torture, but I had made a goal of completing a marathon; I developed shin splints and had to cut back. I did complete that marathon, walking, maybe I will tell you about that one day, if we encounter a slow news week.

As I got older I practiced more intelligently and had the understanding to persevere more, however much I didn’t want to. As time passed, the mental side of training started to get easier, and as I slowly (Oh so slowly!) got fitter the physical side got more rewarding as well. Maybe I had been wrong for the past 30 years, perhaps this was something I could do after all.

I entered my first triathlon in 2012 and was hooked: Three sports in one was perfect for my short attention span and the forced cross training meant my legs hurt less. I found some good friends and excellent coaches who continue to motivate and inspire me to achieve my potential – even if I have no idea what that could be, and probably never will.


Now I am armed with knowledge and support and I’m excited to see what I can achieve. Come and join me on this somewhat athletic adventure…


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